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Cook Infos

Established community to help you cop desired items and to secure a profit



Cook every release and make a profit



Is it Worth It?


Customized Bot

Our Price: $0 (Free to members)

Market Price: $49.99


Supreme Mobile Bot

Our Price: $0 (Free to members)

Market Price: $20-50

Easy Profit

Easy $20-50 profit each day


Free Money

We give our members "Free Money", all members had the chance to get at least $25 and some members got over $100+


The Ultimate Toolbox

Catch every restock and shock drop with our monitors, currently monitoring 200+ sites such as Off-white, Supreme, Yeezy, Adidas, Nike, shopify and many more

Customized Bot

Upon joining, you will receive a customized bot that will autofill your information and auto checkout within seconds on various sites.

We will equip you with strategies on how to significantly increase your chances on drops, and eventually cop 90% of the time!

SNKRS App Guide

Extensive profit

We will help you to maximize your profit with daily dropshipping opportunities, so you can make a profit with ease.

In addition to the PC bot, you will receive a customized Supreme mobile bot to assist you on drops like Supreme TNF, Supreme Box Logo, etc.

Where To Buy Guide

Information on where to buy your desired products on every release, so you don't have to stress about missing out.

Everything you need to make a profit, to start winning, to transform yourself into an experienced and knowledgeable guru, with tools only CookInfos can provide.

Free Items

We will provide you the opportunities to get items for free. Who doesn’t like free stuff?

Price Errors

We search across the whole internet to find price errors and huge deals for your benefit 

How To Cop Guide

Receive exclusive info that covers every single release! Learn how to backdoor, how to cop, where to cop, stock numbers and many more!


Don’t have time to stare at a screen for hours just for a possible shock drop? No worries, we will send out SMS messages whenever shock drop happenes, so you can enjoy your day!

Early + ACT Links

Allows you to locate the item you’re looking for, add to cart, and check-out with one click!  We will help you to significantly reduce your check-out time!

Ever thinking about purchasing items such as Air Pods, Gucci Belt?  We offer exclusive service so you can get them for up to 70% off!

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